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Swedish Kilim is an interior design shop run by two childhood friends with a shared interest for interior design, artisanal work and sustainability. One of them discovered the richness of Swedish flat weave rugs when furnishing and decorating her summer home in the south of Sweden, close to Båstad where Märta Måås-Fjetterström had her studio. The rugs were very popular in the 1950s and 60s, and are now increasingly in demand. Handmade and unique items that will make your home a reflection of yourself.

Swedish flat weaves are a sustainable choice for decorating, as they are made of durable, anti bacterial and stain resistant wool. In addition, most of them are reversible, making them last even longer. A Swedish flat weave rug will keep its shape, colours and quality for many years. Swedish flat weave rugs are part of a cultural heritage and you will enjoy them even more when learning about the technique and patterns used. We have also included biographies of our designers and weavers, the vast majority of them being women. The rugs are often signed with the initials of the weaver, so please check out our extensive list of signatures.

Swedish Kilim was started in 2020.

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