Anna-Greta Sjöqvist rugs are beautiful. She was a Swedish kilim designer born in 1908 and deceased in 1993. She ran er own weaving studio in Sösdala, close to Hässleholm. Here, she trained other textile designers such as Christina Roslund.

An Anna-Greta Sjöqvist rug design can be recognised by her signature, as she signed her carpets with her initials AGS or with the surname separated, as in AG S. This will normally be found in the bottom right hand corner of the rug. On some rugs, her initials are combined with ILSE in the left hand corner, suggesting a weaving studio with the signature ILSE. However, we have not been able to confirm this. 

The patterns

Anna-Greta Sjöqvist’s patterns are normally quite colorful and cheerful and she used a lot of red, blue, green and pink. One of her most famous patterns is the flowerbed (Sw: Blomsteräng) with flowers and stars, normally on a blue or green base. Several of her patterns also resemble those of Alice Wallebäck, which makes one wonder if they may have worked together. 

She has also done public works. For example, the rug inside the autel in the church of Tjörnarp is her work. This was made in 1964.

Anna-Greta Sjöqvist rugs’ signature

Anna-Greta Sjöqvist signed her rugs AGS in the bottom right hand corner. However, there are other rugs with the same signature not made by her. So likely, there is or has been another röllakan designer with the same initials.