Anna Johanna Ångström narrow

Anna Johanna Ångström was born in 1938 and lives in the greater Stockholm area. She is recognized for her exquisite use of composition and strong lines in her röllakan (rollakan) rug and carpet designs. Her aesthetic is a blend of traditional Scandinavian details, traditional motifs and modern influences.

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As a textile designer Ångström draws inspiration from 18th and 19th century floral and botanical motifs. Most of her kilim designs become classics and her carpet designs are still highly sought after. The demand for the rug designs she made in the 1970s is still great. A kilim rug makes a beautiful addition to any home with its mild colours and rich storytelling patterns. The are organic elements providing harmony and elegance.


All of Ångström’s elegantly understated patterns have names, for example Tinto, Linné, Amsterdam and Åkerö. Some of these are still in production and you can find them at various rug e-stores. She has a playful tone. The more recent patterns show flowers in vivid and colourful combinations.


Ångström worked for Axeco AB Carpet Manufactory as one of their longest standing textile designers for flat weave carpets. She was primarily active during the late 20th century. She continues to design commissioned textiles and kilims at her own firm in the Lidingo suburb of Stockholm. Anna-Johanna Ångström goes by a couple of signatures, sometimes a sole Å, sometimes AÅ and occasionally also A-J. Å.

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