GLH Gävleborgs Läns Hemslöjd rug

Gävleborgs Läns Hemslöjd (handicraft of Swedish county Gävleborg) can proudly present at least one prominent vintage Swedish kilim designer: Margareta Grandin-Nettles. Many beautiful rugs will host the signature GLH in one of the bottom corners. Sometimes only the GLH, and sometimes in combination with the designer name. Margareta Grandin-Nettles signature is MG, together with the GLH. There are also rugs from Gävleborgs läns hemslöjd signed AMH, which could be Anna Maria Hoke. However, we find this unlikely as she was active at Södra Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd.

For the Swedish speaker, you will find some information about the local weaving studios still active on this website.