Inga Palmgren-Westin (1914-2008) was a Swedish kilim designer. She was born in Limhamn in southern Sweden. She initially studied at Teknis in Malmö where she was taught by Malmö artist and art teacher Jules Schyl (part of the Swedish modernist breakthrough movement). After Teknis, she took up art school at Axel Smith in Copenhagen, followed by work at Handarbetets vänner. She later studied at the prestigious art school Konstfack in Stockholm.


Inga returned to Malmö after her studies, working as a textile teacher and holding weaving courses in her home. Her debut was a solo exhibition at the SDS-hall in Malmö, and she later did a solo exhibition at Malmö museum. She participated at exhibitions at Liljevalchs art hall in Stockholm and Röhsska Museum of design and craft in Gothenburg. Her visual art is made up from portraits and landscapes from Italy and the Canary Islands in watercolour. Her work has been shown at a large number of museums all over Sweden. She is still represented at Malmö museum.

As a textile artist she has created large tapestries for public places such as AB Ferrosan in Malmö and for the People’s house in Limhamn. She also created a large number of tapestries for private homes. Although having a career as a painter, she is primarily remembered for her deeds as a weaver and embroidery constructor.

Inga Palmgren-Westin signed her carpets IP.