Ingegerd Silow (1916-2005) is truly the one person to have made Swedish kilims, rag rugs and tapestries available to everybody. As one of Sweden’s finest textile artists she collaborated with the magazine Husmodern for nearly ten years, developing unique textile art patterns for the readers of the magazine.

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Ingegerd Silow worked for the Association of Swedish Crafts, as pattern drawer and as artistic coworker. As such she developed pattern compositions and bindings for rugs, upholstery fabrics and regular fabrics. She also made patterns for needleworks and prints. Later she worked for the textile and rug company AB Heyman & Olesen with pattern drawing and textile industrial design.

Some of Silow’s rug patterns were part of the two praised example collections “Carton 1 and 2” published by Swedish Crafts. Simultaneously she created a number of praised textile exhibitions, including a wool exhibition with Edna Martin. In addition to fabrics Silow also showed blankets and rugs, called “among the best since the passing of Märta Måås Fjetterström”.

Silow never stopped creating her own collections of curtains, blankets, rugs and such items. She is represented at the National museum in Stockholm as well as the the art hall Liljevalchs in Stockholm.

Some of her Swedish kilims still in production are Ängen (The Meadow), Bladmosaik (Leaf mosaic), Höstlöv (Autumn leaf) and Vårvinter (Early spring). Earlier popular patterns include Malmsjön, Tåkern, Oviken, Skärgård (Archipelago) and Torvalla.

The outer archipelago, where she spent most of her time, was her greatest source of inspiration.

Signing her carpets with her initials I.S., they can be found in churches and church halls.

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