JLH signature röllakan rug

Jönköpings Läns Hemslöjd (handicraft of Swedish county Jönköping) has been the home of many beautiful Swedish kilim rugs. These are often only signed with the association initials, but sometimes also an indication of the weaver. 

Known weavers from Jönköpings Läns Hemslöjd

One of the more commonly seen signatures is IMV. The woman behind this signature is called Inga-Mi Vannérus Rydgran and for Swedish speakers there is more information about her on wiki. Her name is commonly misspelled and we have seen both Inga-Mi Varneus Rydgren and Inga-Mi Vannérus Rydgren, even on renowned auction houses. The signature SS signifies weaver Sara Lindros-Svensson, who was also active within JLH. Sara is known to have lived 1922-2014. There is information about her in Swedish book “Frostrosor och tulpaner – Jönköpings läns hemslöjdsförenings samling 1909-1986”. The publisher is Småländska kulturbilder 2003. Information about Sara on pages 122 and 127.

The signatures

Carpets from Jönköpings Läns Hemslöjd are signed JLH, normally in the bottom left hand corner. And if combined with the weavers intials, these will be present in the bottom right hand corner of the röllakan rug.