Interior picture with Karin Jönsson rug and Wegner chair on concrete floor

Interior picture with Karin Jönsson rug and Wegner chair

Karin Jönsson is a Swedish flat weave rug designer. She made kilim rugs in geometrical patterns and mild colours.

After completed studies at Konstfack in Stockholm Karin started working as a designer at Klockargårdens handicraft in Tällberg, specializing in the production of church textiles. Much effort and means was put into church textile during the 1960s in Sweden.

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While working at Handicraft in Kristianstad in the south of Sweden Karin picked up embroidery, which was atypical for the 1960s. Simultaneously, Karin continued worked with church textiles and interior textile. Subsequently, Karin moved to Lund to start teaching weaving at KV artschool for many years until the school shut down its weaving section.

Karin became head responsible for textiles at the Lund cathedral and as such made sure that priests and staff gained respect for and knowledge of the priceless textile treasure in the church. During her time in Lund she designed and produced the ferraiolo for Lund diocese. The cloak has an amazing silk embroidery of the Bird of Phoenix rising from a sea of fire at the back. The same ferraiolo was worn by the bishop of Lund at the wedding of princess Victoria.

Karin Jönsson was primarily active in the mid 20th century. Please note that Karin Jönsson signed her carpets JK in the bottom left hand corner.

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