Klockargårdens hemslöjd was a handicraft company in Tällberg, in the Swedish county Dalarna. The company is still active but primarily today as a café, bakery and handicraft arts shop. During the 20th Century, many vintage Swedish kilims were weaved at Klockargårdens hemslöjd.

The signatures and the weavers of vintage kilims from Klockargårdens hemslöjd

The signature of the studio is KH which is normally depicted in the left hand corner of the rug, as with most studio signatures. This is then combined with the weaver of the rug, and her (his) initials appear in the right hand corner. However, this is not always the case and sometimes the place of appearance of the signatures is the inverse. Among the more renowned artists from this association are Karin Jönsson, Maj Svanström, Märta Gahn, Nea Hållfast and Hjördis Jansson. Karin signed her rugs KJ, Maj with MS, Hördis signed with HJ, Nea with NH and Märta with MG. It is possible that also a Mary Sandberg has also been active and she would then share the signature MS with Maj Svanström. We have not been able to verify this. One of Nea’s famous patterns is the rug Tulip, or tulpan in Swedish.

Klockargårdens hemslöjd

Klockargården was started in 1937 by Astrid Sandberg from Rättvik. Astrid was very knowledgeable about textiles and her husband August Sandberg was a baker and came from Laknäs. Together they bought a desolate farm that had been empty for seven years, and opened a handicraft shop under the name Klockargården. The name can be translated as the farm of a bell ringer. A bell ringer, which is a “singer in the church”, had lived on the farm much earlier. 

From this small handicraft shop, an extensive movement was developed, under the name Klockargårdens Hemslöjd. During their heydays, they had up to ten stores in the larger cities in Sweden, their own textile studios and a large number of textile craftsmen and women employed. A coffee house with its own bakery was opened in 1953, to which was later added a large garden and terrace with a view of Lake Siljan.

Lovely vintage kilims from Klockargårdens hemslöjd are a rare treat to find.