SKLH Södra Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd röllakan

Södra Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd means the handicraft association of Southern Kalmar County. This was founded around 1908 in as a non-profit organisation. 

Anna Maria Hoke

In 1956, the textile designer Anna Maria Hoke joined the association as the manager. Initially, she doubled with the previous manager Gerda Brütte, before taking full responsibility herself. More information about Anna Maria can be found at Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon. Only in Swedish.

Södra Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd rug signatures

Rugs from Kalmar Läns Hemslöjd are signed with SKLH or S.K.L.H. The rugs are sometimes also dated with the year of weaving and sometimes with the initials of the weaver. Rugs by Anna Maria Hoke bear either her initials AMH or sometimes, on larger rugs, she will sign A-M Hoke. Also Kerstin Butler was active within the association, and signs her rugs with KB. Kerstin Butler joined the association in 1961. She left in 1969 to start her own weaving studio.