Ulla Parkdal was born in Gothenburg in 1939 and educated at HDK (Slöjdis at the time). She has been active as a politician in the Social democratic party alongside her career as a textile designer. She has been drawing and weaving rugs throughout her professional life. During the 60s as a designer at Eric Ewers, it was Carlander’s weaving studio in Skultorp who weaved the rugs. This is also where Rakel Carlander’s rugs were woven. The weaving factory in Skultorp closed in the early 90s, and Ulla decided to buy the largest loom which was 4 meters wide. She has since then made many carpets, funeral palls and larger pictures on it. Ulla has made pieces for churches all over Sweden. One of her more famous products is the red travel cape for bishop Caroline Krook in 2000.

Ulla Parkdal’s current studio is located on Rindö, in the Swedish Archipelago, where she is still active and inspiring. She signs her compositions UP in the bottom right hand corner.