Alice Wallebäck flat weave rugs

Alice Wallebäck’s carpets have a distinctive style with recurring square patterns and colours in red, blue, green and brown. She seems to primarily have been active in the 1960s, but there is little or no information to be found about her life and career. However, from the information available we have made out that Alice Wallebäck was born in 1921 and died in 1997.

Her patterns

Alice Wallebäck’s most commonly viewed pattern is called Sofia Rosa, and comes in red and green primary colours. The pattern includes a main color in a sqare format, and is normally surrounded by a white and grey border. Sofia Rosa is a geometric pattern with square shapes and similar rugs have also been produced by Anna-Greta Sjöquist.

Alice surname is commonly misspelled as Wallenbäck or Wallerbäck.

Alice Wallebäck’s rugs are signed with her initials, AW, in the bottom right hand corner.

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